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Burden Bears
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The perfect little gift to give to a friend in need of encouragement. Great for a Secret Pal or for someone who is going through a tough time. Just a simple way to share your faith and your concern for a loved one.

ORIGINAL Burden Bear

This is a NEW bear with a soft, furry body and moveable jointed arms and legs. Measures 8 inches from head to toe so he fits easily under your pillow or on a curio shelf. He has a pretty brown plaid fabric bow around his neck and with his fuzzy little arm he clutches a colorful patchwork quilt handmade in our sewing studio and measuring 7½" square.

RESCUED Burden Bear

This is a variation of our "original" Burden Bear (see above) that comes with an added blessing. We "rescue" gently used bears from our thrifting adventures and repurpose each with a handmade quilt and poem for you to gift to someone you care, or even just to keep for yourself!

These bears are generally 12" - 15" long, gently used, un-themed stuffed bears. Our thought for this larger burden bear would be for gifting to children, youth or even adults with a youthful spirit.

As an ADDITIONAL blessing that comes with the purchase of each bear we will ship, at our cost, another gently-used bear to the charity organization "Stuffed Animals for Emergencies" - S.A.F.E."

You can visit the website thru this link:

As noted on their website, this second "rescued" bear will go on to comfort a traumatized child.

Each BEAR you receive comes with an encouraging poem attached:
I’m not a very fancy bear - I’m plain and rather small.
Even so, someone who likes you said that I should come to call.
Hide me underneath your pillow or set me on a nearby shelf.
And when you feel discouraged I will do my best to help.
I brought my favorite blanket that I snuggle when I’m sad,
It’s a present from my Granny, made for days when things seem bad.
My Granny always told me, “Life is like this patchwork quilt.
Just give God all the pieces and He’ll make a pretty quilt.”
Sometimes I don’t see the pattern - Sometimes He seems far away,
Then I clutch my favorite blanket, and I pray…and pray…and pray.
Though I don’t have all the answers, (for I’m just a “Burden Bear”)
I’ve been sent here on a mission from someone who really cares.
When you see me, please remember, YOU are in their thoughts and prayers!

Original Burden Bear
jointed furry bear with handmade quilt and poem ~ shipped via USPS First Class Mail
Price: $11.00
"Rescued" Burden Bear
one for you and one for S.A.F.E.
Price: $12.50


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