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What is a Quillow?

 A quillow is a personal-sized quilt that can be quickly and easily folded to make a decorative pillow.  Every quillow I make is almost 6 feet long and 3½ feet wide (approximately 40" by 70"). Each quillow is 100% cotton fabric on top and bottom and the batting is a polyester fiberfill.  On the back of each quillow, there is an 18" square pocket that serves a dual purpose. When it is a pillow, the rest of the quillow is folded up into this pocket. When it is opened into a quilt, the pocket is a wonderful foot warmer ~ you can't get that from a Snuggie

Each quillow is either hand quilted or hand tied or a combination of both.  All batting is securely sewn into all side seams.  Hand tied quillows are tied at 7 inch intervals with embroidery floss.

Quillows don't take up much space
& they have SO many uses:
  • keeps you warm on chilly days & nights while watching TV or reading
  • great for kids in the car ~ carry them right into the house and tuck them into bed
  • perfect for nursing home residents
  • easily take your own blanket/pillow on an overnight visit to a friends', grandma's or a hotel
  • wonderful accessory for the camper
  • a great extra blanket or pillow for unexpected couch guests
  • makes a great school nap blanket or "blankie".
  • makes a lovely decoration for your sofa or easy chair when not in use
  • they make UNIQUE gifts!!!

All quillows labelled "Ready to Ship" will ship out within 24 hours, but please allow 2 weeks for delivery of all other orders as they will most likely be custom made at time of order.

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Add a HANDLE to your quillow if you'd like to take it to the ball game or for a picnic! 
Just add this listing to your cart:
NOTE:  not available on Ready To Ship quillows

Quillow HANDLE
Add a handle to any quillow
Price: $6.00

Quillow care and folding instructions included with every purchase.

Everything I sell comes from a smoke free and pet free environment.
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