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Welcome to my Sewing Room!
This is where I spend most of my time - we call it the "funroom"!  If I'm not building more quillows here, I'm downstairs in front of the "idiot box" lap quilting the hours away or working on an embroidery or crochet project!  I also LOVE to bake and cook.  I learned to sew at a very young age from my mother who made all our clothes when we were little.  I, in turn, sewed clothing for my family until my kids reached an age when they didn't want homemade clothing anymore.  So, I began making window treatments and eventually switched to sewing quilts and other crafts.
My husband is my partner in every way. He ties most of the quillows, he's my packaging specialist during the busy holiday months and he graciously grants my requests for modifications to my sewing room or specialty storage devices as I'm always rearranging my space to better suit my needs!   I couldn't ask for a better helpmeet! 

2018 marks my last year in the Quillow business.  I'm too young to actually "retire" (and I truly don't believe in retirement) so we'll just call it "moving onto another adventure".  My husband and I are preparing to sell our home and possessions in order to move into an RV full time, travelling the country, assisting senior citizens and building with Habitat for Humanity RV Care-A-Vanners program.  I will not be adding any new quillow designs or fabrics to the site so what you see now is all that is available.

Set in the heart of "Bonetown" South Carolina  :)
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Handmade by Jenn
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Kershaw SC  29067-8708
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