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  ...and so the Adventure begins!

2018 marked my last year in the public sewing business
I'm too young to actually "retire" (and I truly don't believe I ever will) so we'll just call it "moving onto another adventure".  My husband and I are preparing to sell our home and possessions in order to move into an RV (lovingly deemed the "BearCave") full time, travelling the country, assisting senior citizens and building with Habitat for Humanity RV Care-A-Vanners program.  My plan is to continue to offer my embroidery services to anyone willing to send items for embellishment to me wherever I may be located.

You can reach me at handmadebyjenn@gmail.com

The The "Bears" and the "BearCave"

  "Da Bears"
Family picture taken several years ago...yes, I need an update!



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