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A quillow is a personal-sized quilt that can be quickly and easily folded to make a decorative pillow. Every quillow I make is almost 6 feet long and 3½ feet wide (approximately 42" by 70"). Each quillow is 100% cotton fabric on top and bottom and the batting is a polyester fiberfill. On the backside of each quillow there is an 18" square pocket that serves a dual purpose - when it is a pillow the rest of the quillow is folded up into this pocket, and when it is opened into a quilt, the pocket serves as a wonderful foot warmer ~ you can't get that from a Snuggie! :) Each quillow is either hand quilted or hand tied or a combination of both. All batting is securely sewn into all side seams. Hand tied quillows are fastened at 7 inch intervals with embroidery floss.
 Quillow care and folding instructions included with every purchase.

Cosmic Kaleidoscope Quillow - $54

Secret Garden Quillow - $54

Hello Roses Quillow - $54

Coffee and Friends Quillow - $59

Mocha Floral Quillow - $49

Mary's Crazy Patches Quillow - $52

Mary's Mottos Quillow - $52

Forget-me-nots Quillow - $49

Tea Roses Quillow - $52

French Wallpaper in Spruce Quillow - $54

Lottie Da Quillow - $54

Ribbons and Roses Quillow - $54

Burgundy Mums Quillow - $49

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