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Shadow Work Embroidery

Shadow Work is a type of embroidery worked on semi-sheer or sheer fabric, with the bulk of the embroidery on the back of the design so that the color of the thread – or rather, a shadow of the color – shows through on the front of the fabric between two solid-colored outlines.

The most important element in a shadow work design is the choice of fabric - The fabric should be sheer enough to allow the thread coloration to show.  Best on any transparent or semi-transparent fabric without pattern.  If you're not sure whether your garment/fabric choice is sheer enough, simply place your hand beneath the fabric to see if it is transparent enough for your skin color to show through.  If you can see some coloration through the fabric, chances are it is sheer enough for shadow work.

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Bear with BalloonCircus PuppyPopcornInitial
InitialCrossMonogram with floralMardi Gras masks
King CakeJet AirplaneChristmas Trees

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